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Lower IT Costs

If you have been given a mandate to optimize and lower IT costs for your company…you are not alone. Before you begin slashing projects, consider instead looking at ways of saving money through process improvement and better integration of IT into your company in order to enable innovation and future growth.

Lower IT Costs With Applications2U…

 Reduce Infrastructure Costs
 Lower Hardware and Software Maintenance
 Decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
 Diminish or Eliminate IT Salaries or 3rd Party Support Contracts

By leveraging the Cloud2U solution, you will lower your overall IT budget and put your IT infrastructure in a position to innovate and grow.  The information in the chart below was provided by a local company with 50 employees that decided to lower IT costs by moving IT operations into the Cloud.


As you may notice in this chart, the Applications2U budget is greatly simplified. This does not mean that a need for hardware no longer exists. However, the need for new, powerful and expensive hardware is no longer necessary as the end user device now becomes only an access point for the Applications2U Cloud. As for all of the other budget line items, they are already included in your monthly cost with Applications2U, thus simplifying your overall IT budget.