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Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity & Uptime

The items we discussed in regards to Lowering IT Costs,  were in reference to hard costs that can be calculated and summed for a true cost analysis. What about the costs incurred during a down time period? This is a difficult cost to measure unless you have a tracking system in place that records each and every time an end user is down for any amount of time. When a user(s) is down for any period of time, how can we measure the amount it costs a company? Were they down for an hour, 4 hours, an entire day without access? How much productivity was lost during this downtime? How much data was lost at the commencement of the outage and can that data be recovered?

If these are questions that you can answer or you have a plan in place, then rest assured that you are head and shoulders above your competitors because the majority of business owners do not have pulse for something like this.


Applications2U provides a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Technology can never be guaranteed at 100% and as industry experts, we are aware of this fact and have safeguards in place to remediate any extended periods if downtime were to occur. We guarantee back-up data up to the point of an outage as well as offer invoice discounts in our Server Agreements.

Applications2U is proud to mention that a severe outage has never occurred since the inception of our company in 2003. By using the latest technology and continuous system monitoring, we certainly strive to maintain this same level of service to all of our current and future clients.

Another key factor to consider is,” What happens should a disaster strike?” If all of your equipment and data were to be damaged or destroyed due to an unforeseen disaster or outage, it may take days, weeks, or months to recover all that has been lost. The result can be so severe that your business never recovers and is ultimately forced to close the doors. With a cloud-based solution delivered to you by Applications2U, this will never be a concern. If your hardware is damaged, your data remains safe and so long as you have an access point, you can be up and running that very same day.

Lastly, let’s not forget the happiness of your employees! With the mobility provided by the Applications2U cloud, employees are able to maintain a better work/life balance by avoiding rush hour traffic, rushing to be on-time or to get back home, and many other contributors related to the stress of everyday work travel.

The result of this is a happy employee and a happy employee = GREATER PRODUCTIVITY!