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Data Protection

Data-SecurityHave you ever lost an important document?  It can be a frustrating few moments as you work to recover your data.  At Applications2U we’ve heard many horror stories from our customers, ranging from lost data due to virus outbreak and accidental deletion, to natural disaster and theft.

With Applications2U, our systems are backed up each night and the data is then removed to an off premise facility weekly.  This has benefited our customers on a small scale where files were accidentally deleted, as well as on a larger scale where a natural disaster flooded an entire office.

So how do we handle data protection…

Secure Data Center

All of our systems are co-located at Expedient, an industry leading colocation facility located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Expedient offers some of the most reliable data center services in the industry. Their experienced staff of certified engineers is available at all hours of the day or night to provide the data center services. All of their data centers are SSAE-16 audited, which means that all of their processes meet standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In addition, all of Expedient’s data centers use high security measures to ensure that your data remains safe and confidential while on our watch.

Anti-Virus Software

A virus infection on a network and its systems can cripple a business.  The problem is that while running business operations companies seldom think about the importance of managing virus protection until an incident occurs.  Given the state of the art of virus protection implemented in the A2U environment and regularly managed and monitored by our team of professionals, you can feel safe knowing that everything is being done to ensure an infection will not occur.  Each file that moves in or out of each system at Applications2U is scanned before it is allowed to be moved to its destination to stop infection before it happens.  In addition, regular scans are completed on the files.  The virus engine is constantly checked for updates and threats across the Internet, so we are on guard for any potential threats.

Network protection

All of our hardware hosted at Expedient is fully redundant from the core to the edge. This includes storage, servers and networking devices. At the application layer, high availability is achieved through the use of layer seven load balancers and redundant systems with application aware, fail over capabilities.

End-to-End Security Info