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Cloud Hosting: Why This Matters to Your Businesses…?

SMBs and Enterprise businesses that embrace Cloud hosting offered by Applications2U, benefit from increased productivity while at the same time lowering their IT costs. By moving a company’s IT to a utility format the cost and pain of managing computers and ensuring the data is secure is removed.

Applications2U's Cloud Hosting Solutions empower businesses to deliver Cloud Mobility to their employeesOrganizations that are able to utilize our cloud hosting solution are more responsive by enabling their employees with Workforce Mobility. This enables employees to access the information they need to do their work from anywhere and at any time via our cloud hosting infrastructure.

Our cloud hosting solution can simplify your IT budget with our low cost, all inclusive service fee. Companies can enjoy lower IT costs when using our cloud hosting model; eliminating CAPEX and simplifying OPEX. At no additional cost, all of our solutions include a fully managed 24/7/365 help desk.

“WOW, lower cost and better service! Where do I sign up?”

The information a business stores on computer systems is typically as critical as any other portion of that business. Imagine if you lost your accounting data, customer contact lists or any other critical information to the business. This data loss can occur through virus outbreak, physical theft, and hardware drive failure. With Applications2U’s cloud hosting solution a company can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and available due to our enterprise class security.

All aspects of the Applications2U cloud hosting solution are built in a fully redundant manner. Each server and network appliance has at minimum a redundant pair so as to ensure the highest levels of availability.

Cloud Hosting solutions, implemented in-house or in our secured environment, offer many productivity benefits to our customers. Enjoy speed to production through the install/configure once and access by many benefit. Another great reason why our customers are more productive is the ability to quickly access business applications and data wherever they are at the moment from any device.