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What is a Virtual Desktop?

Desktop virtualization, or HVD (hosted virtual desktop), is the concept of centralizing the desktop operating system by decoupling it from its physical hardware, virtualizing it and then making it accessible to any remote device; from any location. So what does this really mean? At Applications2U this means providing an enterprise-level, Cloud based solution designed to enable a full-fidelity virtual desktop. This allows our customers to centralize and store their desktop, applications and data in our ISO Compliant data center. They can then securely access their desktop from any location, on any device, at any time.

Hosted Desktops

A traditional server based computing model or “terminal services” enhanced by Citrix.  In this model users receive the look and feel of a dedicated Windows 7 desktop; however they are actually sharing resources running on a server class operating system.  This is the lowest cost model and starts at $45 dollars per user.

Dedicated Desktops

The dedicated desktop model provides users with dedicated resources running on Windows 7 or XP.  Users have full control over dedicated desktops allowing them to install and manage their own applications.

Pooled Desktops

Users have access to a pool of desktops with dedicated resources.  Desktops running in a pool are in a “read-only” mode and users do not have the ability to install applications.  Each user’s personality is kept between logins while potentially problematic changes are reverted on reboot.  This provides the experience of a brand new computer upon each launch while maintaining user settings and data.

Why Would a Company Consider HVD?

Utilizing a cloud hosting provider with both data backup and support as a part of their services, eliminates traditional IT management headaches that are associated with an on-premise solution.  Appliations2U customers can choose from three HVD models powered by Citrix, go hybrid by combining the models, or we can work with the customer to develop a completely customized approach.


Applications2U provides your business or organization with an affordable, fully supported application and database hosting solution for all your computing needs accessible from anywhere at anytime.  To learn more about our Virtual Desktop Hosting give us a call at 1-888-631-2231.

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