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Application Hosting


“The apps-only experience is A2U’s secret sauce and it’s done well”  ~NETWORKWORLD

Application Hosting Done Right


With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones throughout today’s work force, the traditional desktop is becoming nonessential, while the application is becoming what’s crucial to the corporation and the consumer. At Applications2U we feel that, “it’s all about the app” and the Application Hosting solution focuses directly on this trend.

With our application hosting and virtualization solution, we can deliver just the application to any device without the need for a desktop. Yes, our customers can run applications like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Access on their iPad just like they would any other iPad application.

“The A2U cloud-hosted sessions were quick”   ~NETWORKWORLD

Our solution enables businesses to become device agnostic and to eliminate compatibility issues. Customers can freely purchase any device they need and have peace of mind knowing that all their applications will still be accessible through Applications2U. If your business has its own software consider our Application Hosting solution that will enable you to securely deploy your applications. Applications2U does application hosting for a number of Software companies that have specialized Enterprise Level functions.

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