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Client Testimonials

“Applications2U is a Citrix Platinum Consulting Partner, so Dan came highly recommended. His approach to understanding the environment was something we hadn’t seen before. All of the companies we had come across prior to Applications2U had a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. ‘We hear what you’re saying, but that’s not what we’re going to give you.’ But Dan came from the support side of Citrix. He understood the bigger picture.”

Robert Stauffer, Director of Network Systems, Ephrata Community Hospital

“Prior to joining the cloud, we were having network issues on some of our insurance related apps. It was everything from outages, to problems maintaining the workspace, problems looking for alternative policies. And this was happening daily. Switching to the Applications2U cloud eliminated this problem.”

Richard Cassidy, President, Kattan Ferretti Insurance

“When we were looking to upgrade our Citrix environment, we realized we needed some help. After doing some research, we found Applications2U to be the most highly recommended company that we could find,” says Tesauro. “[Applications2U] helped us lay out our new Citrix environment. They built it out and then we bought a block of hours for long-term support. They’ve helped us out a lot from day one.”

Jim Tesauro, Technical Architect, Creehan & Company

“Applications2U delivers. It's as simple as that. They’ve been available when I’ve needed them, they’ve been responsive, and they’ve successfully delivered on their product. There wasn’t any kind of bait and switch. Up front pricing, up front on what capabilities were, how things were going to work – and very helpful as far as getting things set up in a timely fashion. It wasn’t like they said yeah, we can work together and then it was a month before you heard from them again. I appreciate that kind of customer service.”

Wil Stunkel, President, Stunkel Tax & Accounting

"Applications2U came highly recommended for healthcare. They understand the workflow between doctors, nurses and others in the profession. Our Citrix representative told us we should go to them because they have a lot of experience in the field. I would absolutely recommend them. I actually have. When we need them for support, it’s there. They understand healthcare and what we need. We use a very proprietary software, and they are familiar with it, and they can and have given us solutions."

Nick Brunetto, IT Director, Indiana Regional Medical Center

“I wish we had switched sooner. Applications2U was on top of things from the beginning, and they still are. With the old company, it would take 2-3 days for them to respond to anything. If something needed to be fixed quicker than that, I’d have to get on the phone with them and start getting mean. I don’t want to be mean and with Applications2U, I don’t have to be.”

Jamie Allen, Closing Manager, Rachel K. Iverson, P.C.

Thank you for your high level of service and timely support. You have always been quick to act upon any issues we have encountered. We know that we can call you at any time about any issue, and you are willing to accommodate us in its resolution. We appreciate being able to call and talk to someone that we can understand, and that understands us. You have always been very accommodating in assisting us with new applications and/or situations that may be less than everyday tasks. It is a pleasure to work with you to host our applications because you listen, and try to help us see the best path to the highest productivity.

Scott McDaniel, CPA

We have worked with Applications2U for over two years and are very pleased with their level of service, professionalism, responsiveness, and technical excellence. Our hosting needs are fairly demanding and Applications2U has kept pace with all our requirements, requests, and expectations. The staff at Applications2U understands our needs and adapts to ensure that we are always well informed and well running. If you are looking for a host for your virtual needs, look no farther than Applications2U.

Steve Fafel, CEO, GiftWorks

Impact Solutions develops, sells nationally, and supports an enterprise software system (MemberMax) that services large membership organizations (associations and societies). The MemberMax software is a mission critical product. It runs most of the back office and web site e-commerce for all of our customers. We turned to Applications 2U to provide secure database and web services in the state of the art facility that has all dual path resources. We have seen no unscheduled downtime in over 5 years. We now have hundreds of client users that receive reliable services from Applications 2U.

John M. Keelin President & CEO, Impact Solutions, Inc

We have used Applications2U.com for our third party hosting of not only our Quickbooks Enterprise software, but also our inventory management software that ties in together with Quickbooks. Over the past year and a half, we have received nothing be great support and service. As a small business my two main objectives when searching out a third party server host was to have the convenience of cloud computing that is dependable and secure, but also having a built in IT department at my disposal. Applications2u has done that and more. They are there when I need them. That is what matters. I highly recommend them for their services and have been a great addition to our Team.

David King, King's Shadow Camo